The laboratory

Where inspiration becomes matter

The Gioielli Simonelli lab, located in the historic center of Rome, recalls the atmosphere of the artisan of the past. The exhibition space has been carefully designed to highlight the creations, welcoming the customer in an elegant, yet intimate and informal environment. The production center is without doubt the laboratory on the back, the place that shows and tells our history and the family passion for jewelery making.

This is where the inspiration becomes idea and the idea is transformed into matter, through the combined use of traditional tools for the processing of gold and last generation machines. From the development of design to the metal processing, up to cutting and embedding of the gems, the Jewels Simonelli laboratory performs any work of modification, repair and jewelry making, including restoration and artistic decoration.

Our services for individuals and jewelry in Rome

The laboratory offers to jewelry and individuals a full-service processing of various kinds of noble metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Our staff can also work on the most damaged objects, always suggesting the most effective solution to optimize costs and processing times. The quality of ornamental engravings, one of our strengths, allows us to personalize each piece of jewellery, always offering reliable preview of the final result. We also maketreatments of gilding, silvering, rhodium plating and polishing to highlight your precious objects, giving them new light and brilliance.

Masters in the art of embedding, our craftsmen take great care of your precious stones, always choosing the right technique to increase their value. The long experience in the goldsmith sector, combined with the attendance of the leading international trade fairs in Italy and abroad, translates into knowledge of the latest materials and the search for certified stones that enhance each creation. The offer is finally completed by a personalized service for the realization of customized parts, made starting from a scratch or obtained from processing and restoration of used jewellery. Contact us for a free quote!