Jewels that come to tell who you are

Leading our work is always the artisan experience, personality and our strong commitment to creativity. From these principles we create exclusive jewelry, designed to tell the world your dreams, your passions, your character. Because the work of a goldsmith is not a simple craft but an art with an ancient history. And if it is true that the inspiration is often an emotion, the creative process reflects the experience of Massimiliano Simonelli, creator of collections with evocative names: Disco, Romantico, Giglio, Classico …

To his painstaking work and study of innovative textures, thanks to the ornamental engraving, is linked the search for forms and original color solutions, with multiple combinations of materials and from time to time inimitable design. In the Gioielli Simonelli collections the Made in Italy goldsmith tradition meets design, creating classic but unconventional creations, works rich in nuances that enhance the individuality of who wears them.

Our high jewellery collections Made in Italy

We know the value of inclusiveness, that’s why we support our original collections the possibility of creating custom models. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, cufflinks: whether it’s a simple modification, or the entire work, including design, our lab performs all possible processes with extreme quality and care for details. A valid approach for the most symbolic of the jewels: the wedding ring, also proposed in Unoaerre collections, a market leader in the goldsmith sector. Our shop in Rome offers a wide choice of Unoaerre wedding rings, with possible customization through ornamental etchings of outstanding value.

Maximum expression of uniqueness is the creation of tailored jewelry. Starting from a drawing or a simple starting point, our staff gives shape to your desires in a way that blends artisan knowledge and innovation. The work begins with the definition of the graphic sketch, then developed through modern 3D design software. The use of advanced technological tools allows to obtain a perfect rendering that becomes the photographic preview of the final result. From the project to the matter, with the search of the best certified gems and the choice of materials and the most suitable incisions to create the jewel you’ve always dreamed of.